Another problem we face is shown in this photo of duplicate Goblin Weather Machine loot codes. Blizzard / UDE / Cryptozoic had quality control problems when batches of codes were reprinted, usually when boutique products such as Epic Collections or foreign language were made. The vast majority of affected cards were common loot, but we think that is simply because common loot was printed in far greater numbers than the other rarer loot.


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7:37pm 5:37pm
I have an unscratched [spectral tiger] card for sale btw, feel free to offer at


7:36pm 5:36pm
Hizors, for what purp[ose? Sounds like you're trying to scam someone.


5:32pm 3:32pm
Hey would someone do me a favor and send me a picture of a [Spectral Tiger] card where half of the code is covered with a finger. Will pay 10$


5:57pm 4:57pm
My issue has been resolved.


3:02pm 2:02pm
I just bought the [eye of the legion] code, and it is invalid.


1:40pm 8:41pm
@nidale: Please check your email.


4:32pm 8:32pm
I just bought [epic purple shirt] and the code is invalid...


5:02am 3:02am
So i bought 2codes 1year ago almost, and i have had a break from wow, but im back, the codes i got back then didnt work and i tried to get new codes but nothing happend, can i recive new codes, or get y mont back?


3:21am 1:21am
I just bought [epic purple shirt] and the code dosen't work -.-


1:47pm 8:47pm
@mmopeon, replied, please check your email.


7:38pm 4:38pm
Please, admins, answer my ticket! I've bought incorrect code


12:58am 10:58pm
Anyone interested in a X-51 [nether rocket] xteme on outland-EU alliance? /w me in game name : Smelykelly


12:39am 10:39pm
Goodwill can just be seen as trust.


12:38am 10:38pm
@Happy: Let's say the Paypal cap is 500 USD and you have 2500 USD Goodwill (extreme example). This would allow you to make purchases through Paypal for items priced up to 3000USD (500 + Goodwill). It gives no discount, just allows you to use Paypal on more expensive loot.


2:54am 12:54am
The post on the front page regarding the lottery.. Should be removed.


2:09pm 12:09pm
There is sometimes a bug with


2:07pm 12:07pm
Please contact the support


1:57pm 5:57pm
so I bought a code for [murkablo] and it says the code is not valid. I verified it was the correct code and I made sure I redeemed it on the code redemption page.


7:54pm 5:54pm
@Happy, no. Theres a limit, how much you can spend at once. The more you buy, the higher gets your goodwill, which extends the limit


7:57am 5:57am
Thanks Tamashi. I still don't understand how you pay with it. Can you use Goodwill instead of cash or what? Confused :S


8:05am 6:05am
@scotchyy, theres a red alert sign, that says Oceanic realms currently have problems with tcg codes


5:01am 3:01am

Can anyone come up with a loot code I cannot buy through Paypal with this Goodwill?


4:59am 2:59am
@Hapy, it should be displayed in bold in the FAQ:

@Gimlix: Any loot above a certain amount of cash (I believe $500) is considered as "premium Loot' and only allows Paypal if you have enough Goodwill. Your only option is selecting another payment option or hitting the contact form to check with Daldain.

@scotchyy: Where are you trying to put which codes? I can probably help you. If you're sure you're doing everything correctly, then hit the contact form.


12:07pm 2:37am
when i try to input the code it comes up error? help


1:59am 11:59pm
cant buy blizzcon bear with paypall


1:59am 11:59pm


10:47pm 8:47pm
How do I view the amount of my "GoodWill" ?


12:56am 10:56pm
Anyone selling [Spectral Tiger] mount for gold on Al'Akir Horde


11:34pm 3:34pm
Hello , anyone interested in [Riding turtle] and [Tabard of flame] , I am trying to sell them both for $150 usd [Throwing in a free [Thunderhead hippogryph] pet if anyone is interested]. All 3 loot cards are unscratched and in English. I can however only email the code to the interested party as I am situated in asia.


5:03am 2:03am
anyone selling codes for gold? EU