Another problem we face is shown in this photo of duplicate Goblin Weather Machine loot codes. Blizzard / UDE / Cryptozoic had quality control problems when batches of codes were reprinted, usually when boutique products such as Epic Collections or foreign language were made. The vast majority of affected cards were common loot, but we think that is simply because common loot was printed in far greater numbers than the other rarer loot.


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6:43pm 1:43am
@Gizeeh: Typically 10 - 15 days to EU countries from the date the tracking email was sent.


4:44pm 3:44pm
Hey i did order the blizzcon figures a week ago.does it take long time to get them in irl mail?


8:55pm 7:55pm


1:48am 12:48am
@4inarik && dingo_: Oh Gurky is like a wet dream! I'd do everything to get that one!


1:48am 12:47am
@Blruz: Are you using Paypal? Make sure you check the accounts email address you've paid with. You also might want to check your spam folders. If you can't find it, hit the Contact form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


2:43am 3:43pm
I'm having trouble accepting the verification email to receive my code from tcgloot. Any reasons for this?


9:09pm 8:09pm
We all do


5:34pm 2:34pm
LF Gurky


3:49am 2:49am
@poptart: If a code doesn't worki, then there was likely an issue with putting it into the database. Sometimes the codes are blurred or very hard to read. Use the contact form to have it fixed.

@Amandra: TCG loot can be redeemed on any region/server, please read the FAQ located here:

If you have more questions, feel free to ask, or if it is abut private transactions, use the contact form instead.


5:36pm 4:36pm
Hello i need just to know, how we can buy TGC for EU, i don't find


3:31pm 10:31pm
Hello! I purchased a code and it was invalid. Where would I go about to get this fixed?


8:49pm 7:49pm
where are you located?


4:16pm 6:16am
I have a collectors edition World of Warcraft Original Vanilla for sale without codes. How much would this be worth?


12:02am 11:02pm
It was my birthday, Friday the 13th... Where's are my free loot cards?!


6:05pm 5:05pm


6:04pm 5:04pm
@ Coldo247

Your best chance it's to try Black Market in Nagrand in Dreanor. Then you dont break any rules also. Good Luck!


1:15pm 11:14am


3:22pm 2:22pm
you can get it on Blackmarket ingame


11:44am 10:44am
@Coldo247: The sale of accounts and/or characters is not allowed, neither should you look for a seller here.


3:29pm 3:29pm
anyone know if anyone has a swift zulian tiger character I can buy?


9:33pm 8:32pm
Not sure what the exact chatbox rules are, but I think it's fine to advertise an Ebay listing, as long as you don't spam it? Not sure. This website isn't really meant for users to sell stuff, if you want to be a supplier, you can contact an admin through the webform. If you're just selling something once, then I think it doesn't harm to have some kind of ad out, as long as it doesn't become spam.


6:07pm 5:07pm very low price
[landro longshot] take a look thx u


2:52pm 1:52pm
1 x landros [lichling] *


2:51pm 1:51pm
I have all these for sale, trying to sell all of them toether, anyone interested in a wholesale?

1 x [Wooly White Rhino]
1 x [Portal stone]
9 x [Paint bomb]s
1 x Landros lichking
3 x [Landros lil XT]
6 x [Tiny]
2 x [Paper Airplane]
1 x [Path of cenarius]


2:46pm 1:46pm very low price


2:46pm 1:46pm
hello all can we sell on this website ? i had a longshot londro ...


8:23am 1:23pm
Tamashi, glad to hear that the [Spectral Tiger] dupes have been fixed.


8:27pm 4:28am
Yeah, that Grommloc is difficult to find reliably. The problem is the code was handed out via email.


8:45pm 7:45pm
@SirLimbo: 2014 BlizzCon reward. I got mine from purchasing a virtual stream ticket. Not sure if there are actual codes available, but I guess so?


8:29am 8:29am
Anyone know where I can get Grommloc??